CryptKey Mobile Application

How can I download and install CryptKey?

Our app is currently in the alpha stage of its release life cycle and undergoing white-box testing. Once we reach the beta stage, closed-group beta invites will be sent via email to our registered subscribers. If you would like to join the mailing list, please complete our email subscription form.

How do I use the CryptKey application?

You will need to install our app onto an Android device with NFC compatibility and have the xNT implant installed. An overview of this process is displayed on our Project page with an interactive step-by-step infographic. Without the xNT implant, CryptKey will function as a standalone messaging application offering end-to-end encryption and single factor authentication.

How do I know CryptKey isn’t secretly spying on me?

We use a segregated authentication and decryption system meaning no data is ever sent to us in an intelligible form. We also use open source cryptographic libraries allowing us to guarantee that the encryption algorithms we use do not have clandestinely built-in back doors.

Can CryptKey hand over my data to the police?

When compelled via court order, CryptKey will comply with the law. However, what data we are able to supply is severely limited due to the encryption we utilise. We do not possess the keys required to decrypt privately exchanged user data, as the cryptographic measures we use to commence any key exchange occurs independently from locally stored data on user devices.

Can the police force me to provide them access to CryptKey?

Legally, it depends on where you are. Two factors of authentication are still required. If served a court order legally compelling you to relinquish your password, there could be dire consequences if you were to remain silent or refuse. Regardless, in order to access your data certain conditions would need to be satisfied. The police would need to be in possession of your paired device, you would need to be physically present, and you would have to consent to relinquishing your password.

What if the police threaten to damage or destroy my paired device?

Without the decryption password, your right to privacy remains in your hands. CryptKey uses cryptography to turn your data into a math problem, and no measure of force or violence will ever solve that math problem.

How do you prevent criminals and terrorists using CryptKey?

We don’t. However, please remember that terrorists also use Twitter, mobile phones, rental cars, etc. We cannot ban everything that terrorists use without disrupting democracy, and in effect achieving the very goal of terrorism. Privacy is a fundamental human right, along with the rights to life, liberty, security, and many other rights that terrorists would seek to deny us. There will always be those using CryptKey for criminal purposes, but we remain devoted to providing privacy and security to the overwhelming majority of CryptKey users who are committed to doing good in this world.

Is using CryptKey illegal?


DangerousThings xNT Implant

How do I install the xNT into my body?

A sterile injection assembly kit with the pre-loaded xNT tag can be purchased directly from DangerousThings, or Digiwell for EU customers. The implantation procedure is rather simple and can be carried out by oneself, with help, or through a recommended professional body piercing partner.

Is the installation process painful?

No more than a body piercing. Some have compared it to a bee sting, but any pain experienced varies between different people. A number of pain management kits are available within the pharmaceutical market.

Can I have the xNT removed if I change my mind?

Absolutely, and at any time. As the implant process leaves the xNT in a subdermal resting position, a small incision on the skin surface will allow the bioglass tag to slide out smoothly.

Has the xNT been medically approved for subcutaneous implantation?

Not yet. The term bio-hacking is a relatively new concept. Much like the primitive fashion trend of body piercings, human RFID implants are only likely to gain the attention necessary to influence future approval if a large enough customer base can safely demonstrate the appeal of implant practicality. Despite this, many humans have and continue to, safely augment their bodies using implantable technologies.

Can the xNT tag be wirelessly emulated?

The xNT supports elliptic curve authenticity encryption, which allows any devices running CryptKey to query tags in a secure way. This largely mitigates any risks associated with nefarious emulators attempting to exploit the relationship between paired devices over their shared magnetic field.

Can the xNT tag be wirelessly cloned/copied?

Theoretically, yes. However, it would be very VERY difficult. The xNT has an extremely low read range and is naturally discreet. Any attempt to wirelessly read the tag itself would need to be somewhat invasive of physically space. More importantly, the hardware anti-cloning measures include a built in 32 bit read/write password protection option, which CryptKey utilises as a mandatory authentication factor.

Can the implant be used to control my body?

No. Conspiracy theorists might take an interest in attempting to exploit this rumour, but the technology behind the tag itself is not sufficiently advanced enough to ever allow such a capability.

Is having this implant illegal?