Our fundraising campaigns are vital and we're dependent on partnerships, crowd-funding, and charitable donations to succeed. CryptKey isn't just a unique secure messaging client, it also has scope to become a multi-layered access and authentication platform for important everyday activities. These include protecting localised and cloud data storage, acting as a standalone password manager, and allowing users to facilitate financial transactions via secure payment integration. Developing these tools to raise the bar on conventional security measures isn't cheap. We're aiming to raise £50,000 to bring CryptKey to market as a mobile app we believe will change online interactions on a global scale.

Crowd Funding

Where do we pursue crowd-funding?

Kickstarter IndieGoGo GoFundMe CrowdFunder

How do we raise funds?

We regularly approach, and are approached, through various channels seeking partnerships and funding. We make efforts to gauge the interest of third-parties, not just financially, but also in a way that embodies the principles we're passionate about. Unfortunately, being a non-profit organisation naturally comes at its own cost. We can never have any shareholders, and our commitments to keeping our app free sacrifices much of our ability to pursue profit. As a result, we curtail the financial incentive for investors to get involved. This means we rely heavily on public exposure and the philanthropic nature of others to progress.

Fundraising Transparency

We aim to carry out our fundraising campaigns in a responsible and transparent way to ensure the public disclosure of our financial commitments remain credible. As a registered CIC (Community Interest Company) limited by guarantee, we report to the Regulator of Community Interest Companies and make efforts to declare our remuneration interests whenever we solicit funds from third parties.