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When used for the purposes intended, the CryptKey app will offer the public an opportunity to migrate their secrets away from any digital surveillance radar. By taking this element of control away from western governments and returning it to the general public, CryptKey naturally limits the surveillance options available to any intelligence services. It is on this basis that we must remain mindful there will be those who intend to use CryptKey for criminal purposes, and that returning such powers of privacy to the public may contribute elements of associated public risk. As a result, our agenda lies in satisfying the public interest without advocating activities from our users that might be criminal in nature.


It's important to understand that there's nothing to stop criminals or terrorists using our app. However, we must remember that terrorists won't just use CryptKey. They'll also use Twitter, mobile phones, rental cars, etc. We couldn't possibly ban everything that terrorists use without disrupting democracy and our way of life, and in effect, achieving the very goal of terrorism. Privacy is a fundamental human right; along with the rights to life, liberty, security, and many other rights that terrorists would seek to deny us. There are many ways to confront terrorism, we just don’t accept that giving up our privacy is the only way.

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WE have the rights. THEY have the power over OUR rights.