CryptKey is a large, ambitious project. We need a lot of help. We are a dissentient, technical, and human rights initiative, a community, and a focal point for privacy ethics and freedom of expression movements worldwide. The more broadly based the participation, the stronger we are and greater the likely hood we will achieve our goals.

Simon Harper United Kingdom

Simon Harper

Security Researcher

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London, United Kingdom

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Simon has experience in identifying and analysing malware aimed at the Android OS. With a focus on determining the functionality and potential impact of malware deployment, he tests the security of our code and regularly proposes solutions on how to best mitigate any risks associated with newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Gareth Newman United Kingdom

Gareth Newman

Java Programmer

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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Gary has an accurate sense of software architecture and best development practices. He provides guidance to our project team on how best to standardise and optimise code. He regularly works with Java EE and JSF solutions, including most other frameworks used on market such as PrimeFaces and RichFaces.

Vera Petrova Russia

Vera Petrova

Android Developer

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Novosibirsk, Russia

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Vera is a defensive programmer, highly focused on reliable, maintainable code whilst having very high standards for UI design. She has a strong understanding of Android design patterns and best practices, including the application lifecycle and its implications as well as the various fundamental components of the platform.

Emanuele Aimone Italy

Emanuele Aimone

Technical Architect

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Milan, Italy

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Emanuele has over 13 years experience working as a professional within the hardware engineering industry. He has become a valued volunteer in our project and supports our work by offering crucial guidance on software implementation and application programming. He also oversees much of our project development.

Marlena Dachnowicz Poland

Marlena Dachnowicz


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London, United Kingdom

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Marlena is working towards her degree in mathematics and enjoys helping us solve complex problems. Working closely with our software development team, she regularly supports much of our cryptanalysis research by testing the mathematical formulas we deploy within the process framework of our security infrastructure.

Nicholas Slater United Kingdom

Nicholas Slater

Financial Advisor

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Kent, United Kingdom

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Nick is a senior professional within the UK banking industry and acts as an intermediary between our organisation and the commercial market. He maintains our portfolio of sponsored funding to ensure we fulfil our fundraising transparency promises and guides our interest measures to ensure we remain sustainable.

Want to get involved?

We are purely a volunteer organisation. We have little funding, limited partnership, no grants, and few resources. The best and only true resources we have are ourselves. Above all, CryptKey will stand or fall with the quality of the people who contribute the work.

If you feel you could be of assistance and would like to get involved, please email us at: